The Team

Nicolas Biniek
Nicolas Biniek Founder of Biner Training
Bachelor of Physical Education and Health
Former Siscoe Gym Personal Trainer
Former Professional Hockey Player

Nicolas is the founder of
Biner Training. He developed this training method (Biner Circuit Training) to put himself in shape for his professional hockey camps. In addition, he has adapted his training methods to a public that is not afraid to exceed its limits.

Bachelor in Physical Education and Health, Nicolas has an impressive baggage of experience both in group training and in training more personalized. In fact, he has worked on the physical conditioning of several athletes, hockey teams, Lacrosse and soccer.
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Blake Butler
Blake Butler Trainer
Former Div 1 AA, C.I.S football player, and current rugby player/trainer with the Montreal Wanderers.
Blake was able to attain a great amount of knowledge from training with some of the best people in North America.
Blake studied both psychology and sociology in university, and has a strong belief that one can develop a strong mind and a better sense of self, through fitness. He also believes that lifting weights is great, but developing the mental fortitude that will not only make you a success in the gym, but also in all other aspects of your life is also a goal that he has for every person he is blessed to train with. Show more...

The Gym


Our philosophy is to train everyone; From beginners to experts, classes are structured to allow everyone to surpass themselves.
Our courses are based on functional training; we constantly refer to the actions of our daily life. Whether climbing stairs, picking up an object on the floor, drying your hair, these gestures of daily life require some effort. Functional work aims to reproduce these different movements by optimizing them and making them more intense and more efficient, thus avoiding injuries and developing a harmonious silhouette.

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220 Boulevard Crémazie O, Montréal, QC H2P 1C6