The Team

Nicolas Biniek
Nicolas Biniek Founder of Biner Training
Bachelor of Physical Education and Health
Former Siscoe Gym Personal Trainer
Former Professional Hockey Player

Nicolas is the founder of
Biner Training. He developed this training method (Biner Circuit Training) to put himself in shape for his professional hockey camps. In addition, he has adapted his training methods to a public that is not afraid to exceed its limits.

Bachelor in Physical Education and Health, Nicolas has an impressive baggage of experience both in group training and in training more personalized. In fact, he has worked on the physical conditioning of several athletes, hockey teams, Lacrosse and soccer.
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Blake Butler
Blake Butler Trainer
Former Div 1 AA, C.I.S football player, and current rugby player/trainer with the Montreal Wanderers.
Blake was able to attain a great amount of knowledge from training with some of the best people in North America.
Blake studied both psychology and sociology in university, and has a strong belief that one can develop a strong mind and a better sense of self, through fitness. He also believes that lifting weights is great, but developing the mental fortitude that will not only make you a success in the gym, but also in all other aspects of your life is also a goal that he has for every person he is blessed to train with. Show more...
Heidi Rubin
Heidi Rubin Trainer

Being an athlete with over 20 years of coaching experience has given Heidi the experience needed to adopted a method of teaching that is unique, versatile and refined.
Heidi is a performance skier
and snowboarder coaching both disciplines from beginner up to expert levels. She played and coached rollerderby at an international level for many years. Her other interests include (but are not limited to) circus acrobatics and gymnastics, yoga, water sports, land sports, power lifting, nutrition and experimenting with the ongoing and ever changing life journey of finding her own personal meaning of happiness.
As a coach, heidi’s role is to help her clients identify and achieve their goals and accomplish them by practicing healthy behaviors such as compassion, discipline and perseverance. Her specialties include developing sport specific programs for athletes of all ages and levels as well as building creatively tailored programs for the everyday person seeking to gain a higher level of fitness, increase strength, loose weight and improve their overall quality of life.

Her style of training is highly informative with a heavy emphasis on detection and correction, injury prevention and rehabilitation. More than any of that though, she is REAL and a whole lot of fun!
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Edera Lancione
Edera Lancione Kinesiologist

Bachelor's degree in kinesiology at the University of Montreal. Edera works primarily as a high school fitness instructor with volleyball, basketball and hockey athletes, as well as senior men's and women's
volleyball team. She enjoys working in the field of performance with these young people to teach them a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as teaching them how to train. In addition, as a kinesiologist, she enjoys designing specific training programs for your goals. Whether it's for a goal of weight loss, body wellness or a return to a sport after an injury, Edera makes sure the sessions are very specific to your needs. During group classes, she is very attentive to the details and pushes you to get out of your comfort zone. Show more...
Claudia Laframboise
Claudia Laframboise Physiotherapist

Claudia graduated from McGill University in 2013 with a Master's degree in Physiotherapy. Her master's project dealt with the prevention of running injuries.

Since then, she has worked
at Kinatex with athletes of all kinds as well as with a more sedentary clientele.

Ready to take on new challenges, she decided to expand her practice by following a muscle activation course (MAT) in Chicago, a technique developed more than 20 years ago that assesses and corrects muscle imbalance and muscle weakness.

Claudia joined the Biner team in March 2017 and plans to use her physiotherapy background to help you train and go beyond your limits without pain.
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Gabrielle Labrosse
Gabrielle Labrosse Gabrielle began taking yoga classes in 2006 and found herself drawn to the practice. Her curiosity has since guided her around the globe as she sought to continue learning from different inspiring teachers. Determined to help empower others through yoga, she did her teacher training in Bali last May, focusing on Ashtanga, power-flow and inversions. Her strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, empower others to embrace their unique gifts, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice. Show more...
Vagg Troulis
Vagg Troulis Coach, athlete, musician and lover of all things motorcycles. Inspired by change, from personal to collective. My goal is to help empower others to make the changes they need to live the life they deserve.

The Gym


We are proud to welcome you to our inclusive training facility. Our project is to offer a variety of courses and personalized training that will allow you to excel in a fun and family atmosphere.
Our room is divided into two studios: a small studio for private training and our main studio of 3000sf devoted to group classes.
Our philosophy is to train everyone; From beginners to experts, classes are structured to allow everyone to surpass themselves.
Our courses are based on functional training; we constantly refer to the actions of our daily life. Whether climbing stairs, picking up an object on the floor, drying your hair, these gestures of daily life require some effort. Functional work aims to reproduce these different movements by optimizing them and making them more intense and more efficient, thus avoiding injuries and developing a harmonious silhouette.

Come try, the first class is free!
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220 Boulevard Crémazie O, Montréal, QC H2P 1C6